Prices & Packages

Certified Diver Price List
Certified Diver Price List
Dives Days Price (Full Equipment) Price (Own Equipment)
Single Dive 1 1 50 € 30 €
Basic-Double dive 2 1 80 € 60 €
Wreck dive "Giannoula K." 2 1 80 € (fixed price)
Night dive 1 1 70 € (fixed price)
All in "Cleobulus Tomb" cave* 1 1 50 € (fixed price)
Refresh Dive 2 1 90 € (fixed price)

*All in "Cleobulus Tomb" cave is an Advanced+ dive. For safety reasons we require at least a previous dive with us in any spot of your choice.

In all cases prices include 10 lt or 12 lt tanks, weight belt and transportation from the dive centre to the dive spot and back.

15 lt tanks are available for 5€/tank.

Enriched air (NITROX) available upon request during your reservation for 5€/tank.

Full equipment does not include Dive Computer. Dive computers are available to rent for 5€/dive.

In case you own a piece of equipment we can provide you the rest gear for 5€/part.

If interested in organizing private dives or night dives, they can be arranged upon request.

Divers are responsible for the equipment they rent. In case of loss or damage they have to compensate the lost/damaged equipment according to the catalogue price.

Transfer to/from dive centre from/to your resort is for free. Contact us for the meeting points.

Transfer for the night dives is available only for the south areas of the island (Vlicha, Lindos, Pefkos, Lardos, Kiotari).

Certified Diver Packages
Certified Diver Packages
Package Dives Days Price (Full Equipment) Price (Own Equipment)
Basic 2 1 80 € 60 €
Double Fun (5% discount) 4 2 152 € 114 €
Advanced excitement (10% discount) 6 3 216 € 162 €
Adventure spirit (12.5% discount) 8 4 280 € 210 €
Pure passion (15% discount) 10 5 340 € 255 €

Prices on the table are calculated based on basic price.

Same discounts apply on the wreck dive at "Giannoula K." and the "Cleobulus Tomb" cave, fixed price excursions, as part of your package. Refresh dives and Night dives are excluded from the discount packages.

Special packages for groups can be arranged. Please come in contact with us.