Passionate team

Our team is a group of young people with a strong passion for diving and our goal is to entertain our visitors in the best possible way!

Dives for everyone

We are the only PADI Dive Centre in the island of Rhodes that is fully equipped to cater for people with a physical disability or special needs

Key location

Located along the coast line in Pefkos, we are close to Lindos with its amazing underwater caves and Plimmiri, where there is the well known ship wreck

Dive In Our World!

We decided to put aside the big cities and seek the beauty of the enchanted island of Rhodes.

For us, diving is fun, fun is life and we live to dive until we grow Lepia!

Dive Spots

Warm clear waters that exceed 30 meters visibility, a variety of dive sites and underwater terrain with sharp walls and caves provide you an ideal diving experience! But don't just take our word for it, take a close look at all dive spots!

Pentanissos Wall and Caves

The caves on the edge of the abyss.

"Giannoula K." Shipwreck

110 meters long at 20 meters depth. A shipwreck for all divers.

Cleobulus Tomb

Dive the great cave of Lindos, feel the rush, and see the blue.

Diving Styles

You want dive with more than one tank? No problem, at Lepia we offer specialty courses, technical diving courses, and provide the proper equipment to support diving in sidemount configuration or in twin-set (double tank backmount) configuration besides the classic recreational (single tank backmount) configuration.


The sidemount configuration (two or more tanks are carried on the side) is used by recreational and technical divers.


The twin-set (double tank backmount) configuration is the default setup for technical divers.


The recreational (single tank backmount) configuration is the classic setup for certified divers.

Our Partners