You want dive with more than one tank? No problem, at Lepia we provide the proper equipment to support diving in sidemount configuration or in twin-set (double tank backmount) configuration besides the classic recreational (single tank backmount) configuration. Furthermore, we offer specialty courses and technical diving courses.

Sidemount / TecSidemount

The sidemount configuration (two or more tanks are carried on the side) is used by recreational and technical divers. If you hold the Sidemount Diver (or the TecSidemount Diver) certification you can request to dive in this configuration. During your reservation please let us know if you will need to rent any parts of equipment since, depending on the request, extra charges might apply on the basic equipment rental packages.


The twin-set (double tank backmount) configuration is the default setup for technical divers. During your reservation please inform us for specific requests such as pony tanks, extra regs etc, since extra charges apply accordingly


The recreational (single tank backmount) configuration is the classic setup for certified divers. Default setup includes 12 lt and 10 lt single valve steel tanks – DIN and INT (Yoke) values. Other available options for different tank configurations are listed below.

Available Tank Options Value Kind Gas Mixture Price per extra Tank
11,1lt Aluminium Single Valve Air no extra cost
11,1lt Aluminium Single Value EAN22 to EAN30 5€
15 lt Steel Single Value Air 5€
15 lt Steel Double Valve Air 5€
18 lt Steel Single Value Air 10€
18 lt Steel Double Value Air 10€

An EAN (Nitrox) filled tank is available only upon request at the time of reservation.


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