Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you have a transfer service?

Yes. Our transfer service is offered free of charge for all our divers that request so (according to Greek law, we are not allowed to charge any fees for transfer as a dive school).

Drop off is also offered free of charge but it is scheduled for after the completion of the daily diving program.

There are two routes: The 1st starts from the North of the Island (Rhodes Town Hall) and moves on the main avenue Rhodes-Lindos through Faliraki (Kallithea av.) and through Kolymbia. For Hotels on the route pick up is at the gate of the hotel, otherwise we arrange a meeting spot as close as possible to your hotel. The 2nd starts from the South (Kiotari - Rodos Princess Hotel) and moves on the main av. Lardos-Lindos.

Details for the pick up such as meeting spot and time are given with the reservation.

Do I need a written permission from a doctor?

All divers as soon they arrive at the dive school they need to fill a Medical Form, answering with a “YES” or a “NO” about their health condition. We are diving for fun, so we do not see the reason for anyone to take any unnecessary risks!

In case of any permanent medical condition, steady medication, long term health issue (like asthma, ear problem, heart condition, mental situation, mobility problems after an operation etc.) or in case of recent operation or hospitalization, a doctor’s permission is required to participate in any diving activity.

We reserve the right to refuse diving with anyone that will have a “YES” on his medical form, without the required permission.

How long does it take?

The whole daily program takes about 5-6 hours (from the arrival of the pick up at the dive school till the return to the dive school).

Of course, if you have your own car you will be more flexible with time and direct arrival / depart from the dive spot is an option that will skip you some time.

Do you sell lunch or refreshments?

No, we do not have snacks and drinks at the dive school.

We do make a stop on our way to the dive spot in local super market/bakery that you can purchase drinks & snacks. You can also find snack bar & restaurant on the bay that we start the dives. Of course, you are more than welcomed to bring your own with you.

Why are you cheaper than the rest dive centers?

To begin with having better prices does not mean that we compromise any parts of your safety or quality of your experience! We do not think we are “cheaper” than the rest. We are just more honest with our prices and we do not allow additional costs because of intermediate profits (tour operators, agents etc.).

By applying an honest pricing method, we manage achieve the best price-value balance, to offer the longest dives, use new equipment, brand new air filling system, keep our groups small & personal, ensure that everyone pays the same amount of money for the same experience, free transfer service and for our beginner divers we offer their underwater pictures as a gift!

It is not about being cheaper, it is about appreciating our divers and try to provide an excellent experience instead of maximizing our profits.

Payment methods?

Payment takes place at the end of your program. Cash is preferred (we are still in Greece!) but of course, card machine is available for Mastercard, Visa & Maestro (+3% Bank Fees).

Do you give any extra discounts?

As stated, we have a strict policy for same price-same experience. This practically mean that in order for us to maintain our already fair prices and honesty to our divers we do not give extra discounts just because someone is cute or beautiful or taller or anything!.

Besides our multi-days packages and the courses package deals, we offer: 10% discount (or 6 th diver for free) for full groups of 5 divers & families. Dive club discounts (please contact us for details).

Beginner Divers

Do I need to know how to swim?

Yes, in order to participate in any diving experience, you need to be comfortable with the sea and have basic swimming skills.

Are we going to dive in a pool or at the sea?

According to safety standards, the 1st dive of a non-certified diver (try dive or DSD) has to take place in confined safe water. We use the beautiful bay of St. Paul in Lindos to conduct the DSD (try dive). Your first experience will start from the bay to minimize any risks and give you the time you need to adjust in the underwater conditions.

In your first dive you will not exceed 6m depth and in the beginning of your dive you will repeat 3 safety skills to make sure that you will enjoy your dive without interruptions and in complete safety!

What options do I have after the DSD (1st dive)?

After completing your DSD you have 3 options:

  1. You can join us for the 2nd dive of the day and visit the cavern & swim through of St. Paul. Again, we will start from the bay but this time we will go a bit deeper (about 11m) and we will stay underwater for as long as we have air (or about 45min).

  2. You can continue your training and get your first level of qualification! If you loved it and you want to become a certified diver, you can continue right after the DSD towards your PADI Open Water Diver diploma. The price of the DSD that you have already pay, will be excluded from the price of the course.

  3. You can just relax and enjoy St. Paul’s bay till it’s time for the drop off! St. Paul’s bay is steadily voted as one of the top 5 bays in Greece!

What is included in the DSD price?

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) is a program for your very first-time diving (or for non- certified divers). In this price you will have a theoretical lesson (about 20-25 minutes) and your instruction manual. You will have your equipment prepared for you by our team and as soon as we are all ready and comfortable we will go underwater and complete 3 safety skills. Directly we will continue our dive at St. Paul’s bay in a max depth of approx. 6m. We will stay under the water for about 30 minutes! In the end of the day you will get your DSD certification (valid for 1 year worldwide with all PADI dive schools) and your underwater pictures will be e-mailed to you the next days as a gift! Transfer service is available under request, free of charge for all our divers!

If you want to maximize your experience we strongly suggest that you participate in the second dive of the day! This second dive of the day is a bit deeper and we visit the swim through/cavern of the reef. The duration of the 2nd dive is about 45 minutes (or as long as you have air) and is a must do given that you manage your DSD with success.

Are there any dangers in the water?

If you are thinking of sharks, jelly fish or sea monsters no there are not. Everything is completely safe when it comes to sea life. The only dangers come from health problems that you might neglect to mention or by not following the instructions.

Under the water you are guided by an Elite instructor and you have 1-2 assistants on the surface to make sure you will enjoy your experience with complete safety!

What is the minimum age to participate?

The DSD is available for everyone 10 years old or more! For our younger friends that are 8 to 10 years old, we offer the Bubblemaker program of PADI. This is a private dive down to 3m max depth with full gear. For families that have a younger member Bubblemaker and DSD can be combined in the same group.

I have already dived before. Do I need to do the DSD again?

The DSD is active for 1 year since you did it.

In case your DSD is still valid (we are able to check it through the PADI online dive check system), you are able to skip the DSD and join us for the shallow dive of the day directly. Of course, in this case your DSD will not be renewed and it will still be expired 1 year after you originally completed it.

In case your DSD has expired or you want to renew it for one more year, you will join one of our groups and repeat this part of the training.